the tales

please note: the tales (except for those in the "other people's stuff" category) are now hosted on my "tales from the quit" blog, and the links below will automatically redirect you to that site.

dad and bob
reasons i wanted to quit
quitting for health reasons
goodbye letter to my cigarettes
first day
day one
today, i choose life!
first week
day two
benefits i've seen
the worst times
sign of recovery
planning ahead
first month
unexpected trigger
self-image of a non-smoker
another sign of recovery
three weeks old
my demon
howlin' at the moon
the conversation game
see you in cincinnati
second month
the hall of mirrors
choose your pain
an empty rowboat
the herd mentality
christmas wish
what time is it?
dad's obituary
new year's resolution
darkest day of the year
just one
cause and effect
on relapsing
rant disclaimer
smoking dream
third month
keep going
what you believe is true
it ain't me, babe
farewell to ffs
fourth month
you come too
freedom is the journey
100 day ramble
the terrible threes
silencing the inner voice
four month ramble
fifth through eleventh months
five month ramble
six month ramble
i am a nicotine addict
answer (to a post from susan at ffs)
fear revisited
having a baby (a nine-month ramble)
ten month ramble
two step quit plan
"lucky" eleven
second year
the half-percent club
it's all about choice
choose life!
fear (a nineteen-month retrospective ramble)
how bad do you want it?
the keys to quitting (a 22-month ramble)
third year and beyond
two years down, a lifetime to go...
paying the price
"lucky" 7
85 months, one moment at a time
other people's stuff
The Other Side
Only On Day One
benefits of quitting
19 craving stoppers
40 tips for a successful quit
52 stress reducers
stress relief
tales from the quit
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