here are some links to other helpful quit-smoking-related sites:

the quit guru ( - quit wisdom.

tales from the quit ( - a new home for the tales.

Freedom From Smoking ( - the american lung association's free online smoking cessation program.

QuitNet ( - self-billed as “the Web's original quit smoking site”. ( - this site features a collection of articles by noted smoking-cessation educator joel spitzer (look for links to “Joel's Library”, which contains a large number of joel's articles and now video clips from joel's live clinics); recommended reading (and viewing) for all quitters.

Quit Smoking Journals ( - an online support group - in the form of a diary site - devoted to helping people quit smoking.

Ciggyfree ( is an informational quit smoking support site providing support via education, a forum, a Yahoo Group, a chatroom, and a newsletter.

Cognitive Quitting ( - the goal of Cognitive Quitting is to help those interested in quitting cigarettes examine the behavior that has been their smoking habit and, by changing that behavior, become comfortably and permanently quit.

QuitSmokingOnline ( - how to remove the psychological addiction to smoking and enjoy it.

SmokeWorm ( - a unique site with a different twist on this horrible addiction.

The Scoop on Smoking ( - informational site on the health consequences of smoking put together by The American Council on Science and Health (primarily geared toward teenagers).

tales from the quit
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